Are you ready for summer?

Time flies.  Hard to believe it’s already June!   Are you ready for summer?  My three recommendations to help you prepare for summer are: acupuncture, yoga, and eating well. 

  • Acupuncture is so beneficial as we shift into the summer season.   Who couldn’t use a tune-up to get the body balanced, the mind calm and the spirit joyful?   Not to mention boost the immune and rev up the metabolism. 

  • Looking to revive your exercise routine?  Here’s a link to on-line yoga classes, with Margo owner of Journey Though Life Yoga.  You’ll find a variety of offerings depending on your skill level and time available.

  • Of course, summer means lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to enjoy.  Food is the source of our energy.  My go-to recipe for quinoa summer salad can be found here.  Wishing you a healthy, fun-filled summer. Be well, be kind, be courageous,      Joan

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