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Flowers from a grateful patient


"My doctor recommended acupuncture when we discovered that my baby was in the breech position. I feel so lucky to have found Joan, who was incredibly generous and patient with her time. The appointment—my first acupuncture experience—was relaxing, which I attribute to Joan’s willingness to make sure I was comfortable. Following Joan’s instructions to continue moxibustion at home, within less than a week my baby had flipped. I enjoyed learning more about acupuncture from Joan and would absolutely seek her out again for future treatment."

KH, Newton

 "Joan is a wonderful acupuncturist; she listens to all your concerns and makes sure you are comfortable. I admit to being apprehensive about acupuncture at first, but she makes sure it is as relaxing as possible. I have suffered from chronic neck pain for months, and acupuncture significantly improved it within two sessions. I highly recommend trying acupuncture with Joan."

 Cat P,    Marlborough

"I decided to try acupuncture because I have always been a “middle of the night” worrier (stress and insomnia have been life-long friends.)  Over a period of several treatments I felt a lessening of both conditions.  Joan is professional and courteous in her treatment – there is no pain with the needles (occasionally a slightly achey feeling when she hits a spot, but that’s all – and apparently that means that the treatment is working).  I’m very grateful for the help she’s given me."      

 Barb S,    Natick

“I was very pleased with your professionalism and acupuncture technique. Recently, I was awarded the National Science Foundation Cybersecurity Scholarship for Service. The scholarship funds the last two years of my undergrad.  I want to thank you for the treatments you gave me.   They certainly helped relieve some of the stress and anxiety that I had at the time and has provided me with some of the coping mechanisms that made the scholarship and other achievements possible.”    NM,    college student